Digimon Live on evaluation: two genres, one lovely excellent package deal


Digimon Live on

MSRP $59.99

“Digimon Live on mixes tactical roleplaying motion with visible novels to various effects.”


  • Fascinating tale
  • Relaxing characters
  • A lot of replay price


  • Lackluster exploration
  • Loss of issue

What do you get whilst you combine Stranger Issues, Shin Megami Tensei, and vintage Digimon? Hyde and Bandai Namco’s Digimon Live on is right here to reply to the query. Whilst enjoying via this darkish and distinctive access within the Digimon sport pantheon, I went via flurries of pleasure, disappointment, and frustration. The level to which you’ll revel in the ones feelings might range relying on whether or not you’re considering and in a position to play via a visible novel and technique sport hybrid that frequently slacks at the tactical entrance.

Digimon Live on tries to supply avid gamers with a very good tale and intense tactical RPG gameplay. Whilst it succeeds as a story revel in, the ones conversant in technique video games will in finding the sport just a little missing. To get probably the most out of Digimon Live on, avid gamers must focal point on storytelling, know when to switch their issue settings, and be in a position to be told the foundations of Digimon.

A brand new form of virtual monster

Whilst many avid gamers are conversant in the intensive storytelling found in JRPGs, Jap visible novels take issues a step additional as they require avid gamers to learn via each line of debate to reply accurately to every pivotal state of affairs and dialog. Whilst you may now not wager it in the beginning look, visible novel-style gameplay is a large a part of Digimon Live on. Avid gamers must make their approach via many intricately written conversations that doubtlessly result in other endings, everlasting persona deaths, and other transformations for the Digimon spouse Agumon.

“Sequence fanatics will in finding an exceptionally competent tale worthy of the Digimon title.”

You play as Takuma, the soon-to-be chief of a bunch of scholars transported into a global of monsters referred to as Kemonogami, which we all know as Digimon. This new take at the Digimon mythos opens the door for traditional Digimon to be scarier than ever and now and again offers the sequence a horror-like tone Digimon video games by no means ventured into earlier than.

Digimon Live on‘s visible novel aspect had me at the fringe of my seat all over. Its complete narrative is stuffed with discoveries and thrilling moments amplified by means of the sport’s nice rating and artwork. The nature writing is a specific spotlight because the theme of “kids being compelled to develop up” is inherently enticing. Any persona deaths I brought about hit me very arduous, such a lot in order that I if truth be told needed to prevent enjoying for a second after one of the vital stunning deaths I encountered.

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The character, Aoi and various dialogue options.

Just like the Character sequence, Digimon Live on has quite a lot of moments the place avid gamers can individually have interaction with and develop their relationships with positive characters. For some characters, the choice of interactions avid gamers have with them determines whether or not they are living or die and what kind of synergy avid gamers have with their Digimon in fight. I spent numerous time falling in love with those characters, and a hollow opened in my center on every occasion they met a depressing destiny.

The weakest hyperlink of the visible novel a part of Digimon Live on is Exploration. In those segments, avid gamers move to other places and click on round a static atmosphere to seek out pieces and get extra context concerning the sport’s characters and international. Exploration doesn’t have the appeal or intrigue of the remainder of Digimon Live on, so I have shyed away from the exploration except it was once important.

The ones coming to Digimon Live on for the tactical RPG revel in won’t handle those long visible novel segments. On the other hand, those portions of Digimon Live on had been the spotlight of the sport for me, and sequence fanatics will in finding an exceptionally competent tale worthy of the Digimon title.

Digi Megami Tensei

If you happen to’ve performed via any of the Shin Megami Tensei: Satan Survivor titles, then you will have a good suggestion of what you’re coming into with the strategic gameplay of Digimon Live on. Battles happen on a big board the place avid gamers will have to entire an function, which normally finally ends up being to filter out the enemy workforce. The thrill of Digimon Live on’s battles comes throughout the more than a few tactics you’ll raise this out.

Digimon Survive battleground full of monsters and Tyranomon.

Digimon Live on‘s fight mechanics are very relaxing when the sport if truth be told will get tough sufficient for avid gamers to interact with them. Positioning is essential, and that can get compelled into your thoughts as you play throughout the sport’s many battles. No longer simplest do monsters repeatedly have passive perks and usable abilities to struggle with every flip, however every flip ends with avid gamers deciding what path they would like their monster to appear in.

“It doesn’t really feel like Digimon Live on is enticing sufficient for fanatics of its fight mechanics in relation to duration or enjoyment.”

A monster’s vulnerable issues are on their facets and again, so I’d in most cases finish a flip with my again to the wall or back-to-back with an best friend to steer clear of taking most harm. This additionally applies to enemies, so the days after I were given an best friend to spice up my motion issues so I may assault from in the back of led to grotesque harm.

The fight machine is every other space the place the sport feels so much like vintage Digimon. No longer simplest are there elemental weaknesses and strengths like within the Pokémon sequence, however the Digimon triangle returns right here: Information sorts beat Vaccine sorts, Vaccine sorts beat Virus sorts, and Virus sorts beat Information sorts. Digmon too can evolve and most likely alternate sorts and skillsets at the fly at the price of SP, so there must be a perfect choice of methods for avid gamers to make use of in fight.

Digimon Survive's monster persuasian system

All over fight, avid gamers can communicate to opposing Digimon, and by means of answering inquiries to their liking, they are going to sign up for you or come up with pieces. In contrast to Shin Megami Tensei V even though, those solutions don’t make the Digimon really feel extra alive. In truth, some solutions are shared between monsters. Whilst I loved the primary time I talked to a monster, those mechanics had diminishing returns with every new stumble upon. That is just the beginning of the fight’s issues, even though.

There’s numerous visible novel and tactical RPG content material packed into Digimon Live on, however the pacing and loss of issue make the battles tiring, even for tactical RPG fanatics like myself.  Digimon Live on is set 60 p.c visible novel and 40 p.c technique sport battles, and lots of of those battles had been senseless within the sport’s starting hours.

For the primary 8 chapters of Digimon Live on on Standard issue, I may simply flip off my mind and repeatedly be at the offensive with out ever being in any actual risk. This resulted in brief battles that didn’t really feel enticing or really extensive in any respect between the visible novel sequences. Consequently, it doesn’t really feel like Digimon Live on is enticing sufficient for fanatics of its fight mechanics in relation to duration or enjoyment. For the most efficient revel in, play on arduous issue till bankruptcy 8 after which transfer again to Standard issue for the remainder of the sport.

Our take

Digimon Live on is a novel but a laugh new formulation for the Digimon sequence, but it surely’s simple to look the seams in its two-genre juggling act. Whilst it has the ones tough spots, they aren’t sufficient to overshadow the positives the sport items to TRPG, visible novel, and Digimon fanatics alike. If the sport will get a extra polished sequel, I will see it turning into as nice as I’d was hoping this may be in spite of everything the delays it confronted. As of now, Digimon Live on doesn’t look like it’ll be a lot more than a cult vintage.

How lengthy will it closing?

Relying for your finishing touch fee and what kind of you discover, Digimon Live on will closing about 30 to 40 hours. On the other hand, avid gamers can opt for a Entire Survival score, because of this they stored all their companions on a 2d playthrough. Taking into consideration that and the sport’s 3 endings, the sport can simply closing upwards of 80+ hours.

Are there any choices?

Whilst the marketplace isn’t stuffed with TRPG visible novel hybrids like this, there are video games like Shin Megami Tensei: Satan Survivor and Sakura Wars sequence that do that formulation higher than Digimon Live on. That stated, Digimon Live on‘s loss of issue additionally way it serves as a very good access level for this style hybrid, so test the ones different sequence out if you happen to revel in this.

Will have to you purchase it?

Digimon Live on is a sport that isn’t only for Digimon fanatics. It has a perfect tale and hints of brilliance within the gameplay, however every particular person’s mileage might range with this one. It can be easiest to look forward to a value drop earlier than selecting up Digimon Live on if you happen to’re at the fence.

Virtual Developments reviewed Digimon Live on on an Xbox Sequence S.

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